Charging Electric Vans

Charging electric vans is a key factor for new electric van drivers. However, you don’t need to worry. Charging your electric van is easier than you may think. You need to be regularly recharging your electric van to keep driving. Therefore, it’s important to get clued up on charging your electric van.

Charging at home or work

​Do you keep your van at home or at your workplace overnight? Either way, this is the ideal time to recharge in preparation for the next day. Many employers across the country are starting to offer charging access.

Grants are available for home chargers. And, some vehicles even come with free charger installation. If you have home or off-street parking, you can install a wall box charger. This is the most practical option to recharge your electric van.

However, electric vans can be plugged in with a regular socket. Also, many electricity providers are happy to discuss low-rate overnight tariffs. This will reduce your motoring costs.

Charging out and about

Will you be driving your electric van around all day? If so, there may be times when you need to top it up at a public charging point. More public charging points are being installed across the UK all the time. Currently, there are over 12,000 public charging points in the UK. This ensures you can charge your van at petrol stations, supermarkets, leisure centres and car parks.

Today, most electric vans come with a built-in sat-nav. These have a database of available charging stations nearby. Alternatively, there are plenty of apps you can download yourself. These apps can help you find stations nearby, such as Zap Map or Open Charge Map.

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Van Sales UK

In order to use various charging points around the UK, it’s important you know what types of charging points your vehicle requires. Electric vehicle charging can be carried out in various different ways, depending on the type of vehicle you own and different cable connectors. To discuss how to charge your electric van or the benefits of switching to electric vehicles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Van Sales UK today!