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    All about the Citroen e-Relay

    The 100% electric New e-Relay – 100% Electric is designed for professionals. It has two battery capacities, 37 kWh and 70 kWh. There are two levels of range, up to 139 miles using WLTP cycle. This covers all day journeys, even those in low-emission zones. You can enjoy smooth driving and quiet journeys with e-comfort mode.

    The New Citroen 100% electric e-Relay 100 electric offers driving comfort without vibration or noise. The electric mode’s fluidity and torque at start-up make it a real joy to drive. An interior mirror displays useful electrical information, allowing the driver see at a glance: The percentage charge of the traction batteries, the vehicle’s driving speed: Drive, Neutral and Reverse. The “Go green” indicator is an indicator that indicates the vehicle has started successfully.

    Two sizes of batteries are available for the new e-Relay:

    • 37 kWh battery that can reach 73 miles using WLTP combined cycle
    • 70 kWh battery that can reach 139 miles using WLTP combined cycle

    WLTP certification was completed with a payload around 50%.

    For 70% of the charging capacity, the electric battery has a guarantee for 8 years or 100,000 mile.

    There are many charging options for Citroen’s e-Relay:

    • Private and public accelerated charging using an accelerated charger wallbox (from 3.7 to 22 kW), requires a type 3 cable (supplied along with the vehicle). The 37 kWh battery can be charged in 3 hours, while the 70 kWh battery takes 9 hours.
    • Rapid (DC) Charging at a public terminal with 50 kW. The terminal already has a type 4 cable integrated. This allows for 80% of the 2 batteries can be charged within an hour.

    Citroen e-Relay comes with an 8 m type 3 cable, which can reach up to 22 kW.

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